Barry & Heather Bowers

Third & Fourth Generation Barry & Heather Bowers

Bowco Labs has been serving New Jersey, New York & Pennsylvania communities since 1932, spanning four generations of the Bowers family business. Barry Bowers was formerly on the board of directors while Heather Bowers is currently on the board of directors with The New Jersey Pest Management Association. Doing the best possible job we can is what drives us the most and we've been trying to do our best for over 85 years. Clear communications, genuine caring and an experienced staff is ready to help.

Investing In Our People Makes A Difference

The employees at Bowco make all the difference in your satisfaction and our success as a company. We never lose sight of our commitment to one another in providing the most responsible and technically capable staff available. All Bowco employees understand that clear communications with one another translates in to the same clear communications with our customers.


Barry Bowers

Heather Bowers

Doug Boyle


Frank Vasquez

Dennis Relova

Robert Gable

Steven Albrecht

Danny Ferreira

Bob La Regina

Walter Placzek

Jeff Barlow

Humberto Galvez

Ivan Urbina

Oz Rodriquez

David Miot

Gamel Youssef

Michael Parr

Matthew Kager

Carlos Tirado

Mike Scarpuzzi


Marc Donnadio

Office Staff

Liz Ortiz

Dolores Guarino

Tonia Ragobir

Casey Germaine

Chris DeJesus

Myles Gill

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