Types Of Rodents


Chipmunks have been seen in trees, but they spend most of their time on the ground andĀ  underground in burrows that may reach up to 30 feet long and 3 feet deep. These tunnel systems include sleepĀ  chambers and storage compartments for food that sustain them throughout the cold winter months.

Ground Hog

Groundhogs are also known as woodchucks or whistle pigs. They are the largest rodent in the squirrel family and live near corn fields, vegetable farms and along side fences. Groundhogs hibernate and come back out in March. Call 732-636-3777 for help with your groundhog problems.

House Mouse

An adult house mouse can grow to seven inches long with a 4 inch long tail and are usually a light brown to gray color. House Mice can transmit diseases such as salmonellosis and contaminate food sources for live stock and people. Mostly active during the night hours.

Norway Rat

NORWAY RAT: Also known as the “Sewer Rat”, this destructive pest will cause damage to buildings and home structures by their burrowing and gnawing techniques. The Norway Rat transmits diseases to humans and their pets. This rat can grow up to 18 inches long with a tail as long as 8 1/2 inches. You won’t miss it !

Roof Rat

Known as great climbers, the Roof Rat nests and lives above ground in trees or bushes and is very agile. They have also been known to enter your home through the pipes right up to your toilets. The Roof Rat can chew and gnaw through electric wires and some wooden structures. They also can chew up your home insulation for their nests and can be carriers of diseases.


Squirrels might seem to be cute when you see them “squirreling” around in the trees or in the middle of the street, but they can be a pain. Usually we get calls for squirrel removal when they have entered a dwelling without an invitation. We treat all animals humanely and have been doing so since 1932.

Animals You May Have Thought Were Rodents, But Are Not


Opossums usually can grow to be the size of a house cat with grey to black fur with a pink nose, is solitary and also nocturnal. A slow moving animal that will hiss and growl if feeling threatened. Life span of 2-4 years only. Call 732-636-3777 for help with your Opossum problems.


Raccoons are generally not intimidated easily and will attack humans if they feel threatened. Raccoons can be dangerous to people and pets while protecting their young. Even if a raccoon seems friendly, people should never engage a wild animal. They are prone to rabies and can attack.


The word “Skunk” actually was derived from Native Americans. And has since been associated with the smell they spray, usually when feeling threatened. Skunks can also bite and scratch humans and can cause rabies, which could be fatal if not treated quickly. You generally won’t see a skunk during the day because that’s when they sleep.

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