Animals That Live In Your Attic

Types Of Animals That Live In Your Attic & Noises From Them

Types of unwanted animals that can live in your attic include rats, bats, mice, raccoons, possums, squirrels, pigeons and snakes. 

The most common animal living your attic that tops our list at number one are squirrels. Squirrels, although cute and squirrely are still rodents and cause the same types of damge that rats and mice do.

Next on our list of unwanted guests are raccoons. Raccoons are climbing experts and have a knack at ripping open screens and shingles so they can squeeze through gaps they create. Raccoon droppings are similar to those of a cat or small dogs. If you notice ducts or insulation torn apart it could be a sign that raccoons are around.

Rats are undesirable squatters. A rat is a rodents that enjoys living near humans. Rats can climb up just about anything and crawl through holes so tiny you wouldn’t think was possible. They enter through any part your house and nest anywhere. However, the attic is their favorite place to make their homes. They leave a lot of droppings in a quickly which look a lot like squirrel droppings. They love to make tunnels through clutter and insulation. Look for stains of brown in areas that they might use as passages that come from their greasy coating of fur.

Bats squeeze through openings as small as 1/4 of an inch and can enter through varios gaps in a roofline. They are mostly silent visitors and usually get noticed flying in and out of your home. Bats leave smelly droppings that can turn into large piles.

Birds leave behind feathers and also bird droppings and enter through gaps and open windows.

Opossum's need large openings to enter your dwelling. You will notice a very disticnt smell they are known for. Not highly common in attics but if there’s an opening large enough they’ll seek refuge in your home or business.

Snakes have also been known to live in attics. Although very silent they do leave behind skin that they shed.

So whether or not living creatures are scurrying around loudly or silently, they could be in your attic having the times of their lives. Bowco Labs Pest Management has over 80 years of experience in the New Jersey community. We’ll come out and assess your situation and offer the best humane remedy at fair prices.

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