Bed Bug Pest Control

Bed Bug Heat Treatment

Getting rid of bed bugs has become safer and more successful than ever before with new technology that heats your bed bugs to death.

It's called "Thermal Remediation" and has a 98% success rate and does not use chemicals.

In just a one day session we can have your home or business completely bed bug free. We use proprietary software that controls the temperature in every room that monitors progress.

Almost like a science fiction movie the bed bugs come out of hiding trying to escape the intense heat and finally die. This Treatment is safe and has proven to be very effective.

Technology Meets Experience

Hoses are connected to our truck located outside your dwelling and is run through out your house strategically placed to ensure the maximum potency of our heat treatment. We monitor every rooms temperature by using our computer software where fluctuations are identified and automatically remedied.

The set up time varies depending on the size of the dwelling but averages about 1 hour.

Our technicians evaluate your structure prior to determining how many hoses and hubs will be needed. Once they have created a heat strategy then they begin to set up your home with the proper gear.

Powerful Machine Delivers Fatal Blow

Our "Bed Bug Truck" Houses a "Thermal Heat Remediation" system that fuels the type of temperatures needed in order to kill your bed bugs.

Heat penetrates into small crevices that cannot be inspected manually. Fatal temperatures for bed bugs range from 118 degrees Fahrenheit to 123 F. Containers and boxes reach a higher temperature than the fatal range, killing all bed bugs and their eggs.

This new hi tech approach to killing bed bugs has been 100% effective in our own personal experience and eliminates the need for any chemicals. This system is completely safe and your home will look just like we found it when you arrive, minus the bed bugs.

Bed Bug Sniffing Dogs

Dogs can have as many as 300 million receptors in their noses, making them far more reliable than any technological device that's available..

These specially trained dogs are 97% accurate in finding bed bugs. Humans have only a 30% accurate rate and there is no other known technology that detects bed bugs better than canines.

Many people call us for inspections after they have traveled or had someone visit them that had been traveling. If you feel that bed bugs might be present in your home, but have no proof of it, our canines can make a difference for you.

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