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Lyme Disease Is Distributed By Deer Ticks

Lyme disease is a bacterial infection you could get from an infected tick that bites you. Symptoms include a red rash, which may look like a circle in a round hole. As an infection spreads to other parts of the body, you may experience A fever.

Achy, stiff, or swollen joints often sporadic, are early lyme symptoms. Your joints may be inflamed, warm to the touch, painful, and swollen. You may have stiffness and limited range of motion in some joints (1). Pain may move around.

If caught early enough, Lyme disease can be treated with antibiotics and usually cured. If you do not treat Lyme disease complications involving your heart, joints and nervous system can happen.

Have Your Property Inspected

Lyme disease is spread by the bite of an infected tick. An estimated 300,000 infections occur each year. If you hike, camp, work, or find yourself in wooded or grass like places, you could be bitten by an infected tick and not even know it.

Pest control companies can offer yard spraying and special tick treatment strategies that usually eliminate tick infestations. Experience does matter and a licensed and qualified pest control company can be the difference of ever being infected.

Deer ticks or ticks can go undetected and still bite you without you even knowing you've been bit. You can reduce your risk of Lyme disease. Call us today for an inspection or treatment and Get $25 Off Your Bill. Just Mention Code 007.

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