Montclair, NJ Pest Control For Bed Bugs, Termites, Bees, Mosquitos, Rats

Montclair Township Established in 1980

Bowco Laboratories has been serving the Montclair area for over 87 years and through 4 generations of the Bowers family. Montclair was originally founded in 1868. The name "Montclair" originates from the French "mont clair", meaning "bright mountain."

In this day and age where everything is bigger, faster and franchised, we still believe in our community and old fashioned quality and service. Respect for our clients and their families and businesses still drive us to do better every day.

Whether it be pest control inspections, maintenance, spraying or helping unwanted animals find a new home, we're always up to the task at hand. Thank you for your loyalty over the years and we look forward to being there for you when you need us.

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