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Stink Bugs Hide Very Well

You may not even know that you have stink bugs until they stink up your house. Stink bugs give off a bad oder when they are startled or angry and the smell is very noticeable.

The oder smells like skunk spray and can also be caused by too many stink bugs in the same spot. They actually give off an oder if their living conditions are tight with other stink bugs.

Stink bugs do not harm humans, ruin your furniture or eat your food, but they do stink and attract other stink bugs to join them by secreting their stink.

Have Your Home Inspected

Why take a risk of having stink bugs. We can determine if they are in your dwelling for you even if they think they've found the ultimate hiding place.

Stink bugs are actually a highly-destructive garden pest. They feed on fruit and vegetables in spring and fall, causing considerable and costly damage. Stink bugs like to feed on almost any fruit or vegetable. The bugs won’t usually feed on fruit indoors, but if they find it early they can.

If you know you have Stink Bugs we can eradicate them usually with one visit. Call us today for an inspection or treatment and Get $25 Off Your Bill. Just Mention Code 007.

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