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Carpenter ants do not eat wood nor digest it like termites, but they can cause as much damage as termites do.

They chew wood away from structures to make room for the queens eggs and surround the nest opening with wood fragments as protection. These ants sometimes create little neighborhood communities (satellite nests) of other carpenter ant nests where only the workers frequent to store mature larvae and pupae. Although carpenter ants prefer moist areas their satellite nests can be located in dry areas of your home or business in insulation, hollow doors and boards.

Carpenter ants sometimes can make noises that are heard by humans. They make these noises by grinding their jaws when disturbed or scared as a distress call to warn all the other colony ant soldiers.

Nests are often located in ceilings, attics, underneath floor coverings, crack or voids in walls and crevices. Our pest control technicians are experienced and highly trained in this area.

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